Archaeological Museum of Thasos

Thasos, Greece

The Archaeological Museum of Thasos is a museum located in Limenas. It occupies a house that was built in 1934 and recently extended. Storerooms and workshops have already been organised, and nowadays is fully operational: the shop, the official functions room, the old wing, the prehistoric collection, and the new section.

The exhibits consist in collections of sculpture, pottery, and architectural remains from the Neolithic to the Roman period on Thasos. The most important exhibits from the early period are a clay amphora from the Neolithic settlement and a Cycladic plate decorated with a representation of the hero Bellerophon on the winged Pegasus spearing the three-headed Chimaera (7th century BC).

Two of the sculptures of the Archaic period are outstanding: an impressive three-and-a-half-metre kouros, a statue of a young naked man carrying a goat (600 BC), which was found at Pythion; and a bust of Pegasus (500 BC). Of the exhibits from the Classical period, particularly noteworthy are a head of Dionysos of the 4th century BC, which belonged to the larger-than-life-size statue of the god that graced the large exedra of one of the two choregic monuments in the Temple of Dionysos, and a statue of Comedy.

From the Hellenistic and Roman period there are a statue of a Muse wearing a peplos, also from the Temple of Dionysos (3rd century BC), a small statue of Aphrodite with a dolphin and a cupid (3rd century BC), a head of Alexander, and a statue of the Roman emperor Hadrian, armed for battle. The latter was found in the ancient agora of Thasos. There are also portrait busts of Claudius, Julius Caesar, and Lucius Caesar, and clay figurines dating from the Archaic to the Hellenistic period.



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Founded: 1934
Category: Museums in Greece

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User Reviews

Konstantinos Aslanidis (2 years ago)
Really nice museum, lots of exhibits, some of them life-like. You can also watch some videos that explain and inform about the history of the island, the different phases and where and how the exhibits were found!
Alexandra de Ryckere (2 years ago)
Nice museum, looks smaller than it is from the outside. However I enjoyed Philippi museum more
Alexey Dronov (3 years ago)
Great museum, giving you the whole historical and archeological overview of the Thassos Island. A must for those who are interested not only in nice beaches and tavernas the island can offer!
Daniel Pike (3 years ago)
Nicely designed museum, lots of artifacts presented in a very attractive way. Good way to learn about the history of Thassos. Note: currently you need to have negative Covid test OR vaccine certificate to get in, plus an ID. Masks required.
Al T (3 years ago)
Definitely worth the visit. Well laid out and with lots of information to accompany the exhibits.
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