Ancient Odeon of Thasos

Thasos, Greece

The ancient Odeon of Thasos, an conservatory in the ancient city of Thassos was built in Roman times. The building, which was discovered in 1929 gives us the impssion of a monumental building even though its biggest part is under the modern road of the town with only its lower part visible and the first rows of seats. It is certain that in ancient times it would have been an imposing edifice. It is made of marble and situated in the south of the ancient Agora.  

The building consists of a hollow with two rows of seats, forming a semicircle, one orchestra and a stage structure. The orchestra is not paved and from the byways survived the two walls that support the ground at the edges of the hollow.



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Irakliou, Thasos, Greece
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Founded: 2nd century AD
Category: Prehistoric and archaeological sites in Greece

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Cookie Chan (7 months ago)
In a little better condition than the other ancient landmarks but it is still abandoned, not maintained and with no explanatory signs. It is funny how the door was locked but the railings right next to it have a big whole, allowing you to walk in. I hope they eventually show this place the same love they showed when creating the archaeological museum, which is a much better and worth visit to spend your time for.
Vlad (7 months ago)
How am I suppose to visit an Odeon polluted with garbage and stench?
Timothy Robare (2 years ago)
They need to really work on keeping these ancient things better kept
hjkl jkl (3 years ago)
Unimpressive sight. There are no tablets with information
Dimitris Papastergiou (3 years ago)
Nice little odeon!
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