St Panteleimon Monastery

Thasos, Greece

Saint Panteleimon Monastery was built in 1843 and became monastery in 1987. According to inhabitants of Thassos, someone wanted to build it in favor of Saint Panteleimon. The workers started the building at a location, but the next day when they wanted to continue with the construction, the part they had built was found destroyed and their tools were missing. The same happened on the following days. One day they saw footprints on the ground and followed them until they found their tools nearby a natural spring. Finally, they built the monastery at that spot.


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Kazaviti, Thasos, Greece
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Founded: 1843
Category: Religious sites in Greece


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User Reviews

Francisc Atanasiu (2 years ago)
Positive: the road to monastery offers great panoramic view. Negative: the place needs more attention from those who maneges it. The main atraction - the holy water cavern - needs a little cleaning. The spring dried up. The ascet living there is not very welcoming. The souvenir shop has not too much to offer. Disappointing on the whole.
Angela Petrisor (2 years ago)
Drove all the way up to the Monastery, like we do every year. This year front door was closed, nobody answered the door bell. A phone number was at the entrance in case it is closed, but nobody would answer it. Few cars waited for a while but nobody came, so they left. As we looked over the fence we could see many fallen rocks inside and looked like is a deserted place. To sad we couldn't visit At Pantelimon 's cave and get get holy water from the spring inside
Reinz Bee (3 years ago)
Didn t make it till the end was sparing my tires.
Razvan G (4 years ago)
Spectacular road to the top
Cristian Vancea (6 years ago)
Very spiritual, quiet and beautiful orthodox monastery, run by nuns. This monastery follows the old Mount Athos tradition.The old church is very noble especially the old icon of St. Panteleimon imbued with gift of gratitude from the people who help them and listen the prayers.No cameras, phones or tablets are allowed inside the monastery.
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