Dentice Frasso Castle

San Vito dei Normanni, Italy

The medieval castle of Dentice Frasso, opposite the Town Hall with its ancient square tower, overlooks the San Vito dei Normanni main piazza. The original access was via a drawbridge which was from the box located on the door of the Chapel The first building was undoubtedly the tower, believed to be Norman and dating from the 12th century. Built by Bohemond of Hauteville in the 11th century, in a strategic position on the road that passed through the hamlet of San Vito and came to the old road for Oria. It is perfectly intact, still dominates the area of San Vito. The tower has battlements and narrow openings that allows indoor lighting. There is a large courtyard that overlooks the cinquecento residence, characterized by a series of elegant rectangular boxes around the tower.

The castle was probably built originally as the residence of hunters, as once the territory of San Vito completely covered by forests. The entrance to the building consists of a pointed arch, on top is placed a crest of the Dentice family. The stairway leads to a stone porch column, on which rest three round arches. Inside retains decorated suites, paintings, hunting trophies and the town archive. The castle is privately owned and inhabited by descendants of the Dentice Frasso family.



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Founded: 11
Category: Castles and fortifications in Italy

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Mosè (7 months ago)
An enchanting destination to visit after a tour of the intricate alleys of the beautiful Carovigno. The plane tree that stands in the courtyard is magnificent
Samantha Maria Rizzo (10 months ago)
I can only give it 4 stars because seen only from the outside ... it looks very well kept and it is really impressive! Well lit, it overlooks a large square where the town hall is located. I hope to be able to return and visit the interior. Still nice!
Mario Riontino (17 months ago)
Fantastic. A castle of Norman origin, modified over the centuries by the various dynasties and owners, now in magnificent condition, thanks to the precious care of Prince Dentice Frasso. To visit.
Gabriele Saldi (2 years ago)
Found closed
A J Dizzy (4 years ago)
Nice location in centre of san vito dei normanni, you'll find local banks and commune/tourist info for all you needs
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