Château de La Celle-Guenand

La Celle-Guenand, France

Château de La Celle-Guenand was originally founded as a monastery in the 10th century. Later in the 15th century it was reconstructed as a castle. The first known lord of this medieval château was Antoine de Guenand. From the 16th century until 1780 the estate was held by the Coutance family.

Religious conflict in 1779 had led to the removal of the pastor of La Celle-Guenand and the two parishes were merged, to be known as La Celle-Guenand. Jean Cantineau de Commacres lorded over the castle of La Celle-Guenand until 1785 the last years of the French monarchy. Followed by Pierre Gaullier to midway through the French Revolution until 1794.

The château was restored in the 17th century as a private Residence and additional outbuildins were built in the 19th century. Today it functions as a Bed & Breakfast hotel.



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Founded: 15th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in France


4.8/5 (based on Google user reviews)

User Reviews

Nick Brown (11 months ago)
Welcoming, comfortable, very dog friendly, food truly superb at a reasonable price, good area to visit
Tyler Greene (13 months ago)
We stayed at this place recently with my brother and sister-in-law. It's an incredible 15th century castle. Really comfortable stay and the owner was super friendly. And the food is great too.
Jules Jefferis (2 years ago)
It surely does not get any better than this. A truly exceptional experience staying in a beautiful old Chateau. Our room was large, very comfortable and seemingly quite recently renovated. The service is top notch. If you stay here (which you should) you must reserve dinner - chefs from a local cooking school come and make traditional french mealsn over five courses with matching wines. Magnifique!
Steve Baker (2 years ago)
Truly amazing hotel! Large and luxurious bedrooms and enormous bathrooms, set in beautiful gardens. Very helpful owner on hand to give advice. Prebook evening meal, you will never have something as good until your next visit to the Chateau!
Jonathan Knight (2 years ago)
Splendid hosting. Absolutely amazing, beautiful Chateau. Amazing dinner (optional) in many courses. Drinks and breakfast on the patio. Clean, comfortable, helpful & knowledgeable host. Definitely recommended!
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