Partisan Memorial Cemetery

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Partisan Memorial Cemetery in Mostar was built in 1965 in honor of the Yugoslav Partisans of Mostar who were killed during World War II in Yugoslavia. It's located on Bijeli Brijeg and displays all the features of a complex architectural, aesthetic and landscape design. It is a unique monument in the urban scale of the city of Mostar, and is of particular ambient value.

In 1992, the cemetery was badly damaged by war and dynamiting. After the war, the cemetery deteriorated due to severe neglect, vandalism and devastation.



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Jiří Trávníček (10 months ago)
very dilapidated, nice views, definitely worth the visit!
Nicola Borrani (2 years ago)
Artwork masterpiece, truly unique, what a shame that nobody is taking better care of this place and sculptures, and how horrible what vandals have done to the plaques. I hope that Mostar will restore this breathtaking piece of art as soon as possible, for the respect of the art, the artist, and even more important, those who were buried there. There is no political reason that can justify such negligence.
Zeljko Pjevic (2 years ago)
Amazing view from the top, worth the climb. We visited only a few months after the plaques were vandalised, but still found the experience enjoyable. Very unique architecture. Its too unfortunate that the place is not taken care of anymore, so there are bushes and plants as well as some garbage around. However, it is one of those places you must visit while you are in Mostar!
Paul Meagher (2 years ago)
We went there a couple of days after all the plaques had been vandalised. However this did not take anything away from the experience. A must see when visiting Mostar. Designed in 1965 as a memorial for those who gave their lives fighting fascism. It is designed in a brutalised form of architecture which is stunning with a heavy soviet Influence. At present the authorities do not know who vandalised it but believe it could be some as stupid as drunken youths. I could criticise and say the authorities could do more on the upkeep but given the circumstances of a not to distant war they can be excused. Give it a visit you won't be disappointed. And for fun you are almost certainly going to pass the Bruce Lee statue and sniper tower on the way.
Lalibela Lumumba (2 years ago)
a must visit if you are in mostar - absolute insider tip! its full of realsocialist art and the view from the top is fantastic. but noone cares about it and its overgrown. most of the partisans who are remebered here died at a young age and were from mostar. may their fight against fascism never be forgotten.
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