Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque in Mostar represents another extraordinary piece of Ottoman architecture in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was built in 1618/1619 and represents the large construction of the classical Ottoman architecture in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

During the war in Bosnia (1992-95), it was badly damaged by the Croatian military forces, and its restoration took place during 1996-2001. The Mosque used to have an extraordinary collection of the manuscripts of the Qur'an, from which some were preserved but today they belong to other collections. The Mosque also possesses the carpet which was the gift from Austrian monarch Franjo Josip. The Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque represents also one of the most popular touristic destinations in Mostar.


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Founded: 1618
Category: Religious sites in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Dominique Correa (13 months ago)
The most well known mosque in Mostar. It offers fantastic views of the Stari Most bridge from the minaret. Dating to 1618, this mosque was founded by Mehmed Koskija, the biographer of the Grand Vizier Lala Mehmud Sokovic. The beautiful interior of the mosque has painted wall murals and a lush carpet that was a gift from Austrian monarch Franz Joseph. With an entrance fee of 3 Euros, it is worth a look and climb to the top of the minaret!
Bharathi Mani (14 months ago)
It's a small pretty mosque in Mostar. The interior is very simple. We went up the minar to see the views from the top and they were stupendous. Wasn't very happy about the narrow stairs but the views were woth it. For 7€ they should do better traffic management up and down the stairs.
Sarah (2 years ago)
One of the most unique and picturesque interiors I’ve seen. Views from the minaret are also stunning. This mosque is a must in Mostar and well worth the entrance fee!
Denis Kosmac (2 years ago)
Nice small mosque that kept the interior from the centuries it was built. Welcoming for prayers. Beautiful panoramic view from the top of the tower, but it might get crowded.
Drone Experiencer1480 (2 years ago)
A Simple built stone Herzegovinian Mosque built by the Brother of Koski Mehmed-pasha as Koski Mehmed did not live to see his own Mosque. But what makes this Mosque so unique is it's placement right above the Neretva River and it's Breathtaking view from the Old Bridge. You could also enter the Mosque for a Small Fee and enter the Courtyard to see the small Drinking fountain, Souvenirs, and Old Muslim Gravestones.
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