Basilica of Our Lady Help of Christians

Turin, Italy

The Basilica of Our Lady Help of Christians (Basilica di Santa Maria Ausiliatrice) is a church in Turin, northern Italy. Originally part of the home for poor boys founded by John Bosco, it now contains the remains of Don Bosco, and 6,000 relics of other saints.

Giovanni Bosco commissioned the construction of the Basilica of Our Lady Help of Christians in order to coordinate all activities related to the Salesians in the Valdocco suburb. The church was designed by Antonio Spezia, who drew inspiration from the facade of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice. It was built in 1865-1868 by Carlo Buzzetti (one of the first boys of the Oratory). The first stone was laid on 27 April 1865, in the presence of Prince Amedeo di Savoia. The church was consecrated in 1868.

According to legend, a vision of the Virgin Mary appeared in a dream to John Bosco in 1844 or 1845 and revealed the site of the martyrdom of the Turinese saints Solutor, Adventor and Octavius. The Basilica dell'Ausiliatrice was built on the site of their death. The church houses the relics of these saints.

The basilica holds the tombs of saints Don Bosco, Maria Domenica Mazzarello, and Dominic Savio.



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Founded: 1865-1868
Category: Religious sites in Italy

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Damian Zapart (10 months ago)
Great place but check the mass schedule before visiting on Sunday.
P. Johannes van Voorst, IVE (12 months ago)
Stunning Basilica that is clearly built for the glory of God and His Saints! The art shows a reverence for God and the mysteries of our faith. Here are the tombs of Saint John Bosco, Saint Maria Domenica, and the young Saint Domenico Savio, whose veneration here is clearly glorifying the work of God in their lives. There is also a crypt with thousands of relics of Saints and Blesseds, not often open, with also the body of Blessed Filippo Rinaldi, the third successor to St. John Bosco to lead the Salesians. Behind the Basilica are chapels and a museum that tell the impressive story of the work of St. John Bosco.
Andressa Borges Dabreu (15 months ago)
One of the most beautiful churches I ever visited. It's a must go in Turin.
aron hegedus (2 years ago)
Beautiful basilica. Statues outside are well sculpted, and good temperature inside
Micah Pinto (2 years ago)
This basilica is so magnificent!!! Also the final resting place of saint Don bosco. It is beautiful. The masses are also flexible.
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