La Magdalena Church

Jaén, Spain

La Magdalena is a Gothic-style, Roman Catholic church located in the city of Jaén. The church was built atop the foundations of a mosque that had been erected in 825 by Abd ar-Rahman II. The present bell-tower was the former minaret, putatively redesigned by Andrés de Vandelvira. The pool in the cloister was used by Muslim worshipers prior to entering the building. Outside in the plaza is a pool with the statue of the Lizard of Jaén (Lagarto de Jaén), depicting a legendary monster of the area.

The church a main nave and three aisles, separated by arches that are spanned by ribbed vaults. The portal has Isabelline Gothic decoration. The church includes a polychrome sculptural group depicting the Calvary attributed to Jacobo Florentino or Jerónimo Quijano; a Christ of the Mercy (1593) by Salvador de Cuéllar; and a Kneeling Magdalen (1572) by Mateo Medina. The church has a number of 17th and 18th-century canvases. The main portal doors were carved in 1555.



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Founded: 825 AD
Category: Religious sites in Spain

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Pedro Ortega Ortiz (10 months ago)
The oldest church in Jaén, which is located in one of the most emblematic neighborhoods of the capital for everything you can see in this area of ​​La Magdalena. Simple and basic in its façade with the bell tower or old minaret of Mudejar origin. Beautiful inside with imagery that you will see on Holy Tuesday. The beautiful patio of the old mosque, well restored, is very striking. It is worth visiting in its entirety.
Miguel Angel Moncholi (mmoncholi) (12 months ago)
A must-see place on your tour of Jaén. The current church dates from the s. XVI and was built on a mosque of the s. VIII of which the four naves and the patio can still be seen, conserving a horseshoe arch and a semicircular arch. In front of the church of La Magdalena you will find the Raudal de la Magdalena of Roman origin. This spring is part of the legendary legend of the Lagarto de la Magdalena.
Luis Miguel Millán Miralles (15 months ago)
Old synagogue, beautiful church and former mosque, place of worship of the Christ of Medinaceli and Santa Rita
Marian Jiménez (17 months ago)
The church was closed, but they were rehearsing a classical music concert inside the patio and we were able to access it. It is an absolutely romantic place, with that cistern of singing waters as the last redoubt of the previous mosque. If the water was cleaner and there were goldfish it would be perfect. Do not forget to point your camera in the direction of Castillo de Santa Catalina, there are fairytale photos.
Sofi (21 months ago)
Simple inside, highlighting the patio that has been restored and the tower that is original from the Muslim period. It is located in Plaza de la Magdalena, the oldest in Jaén. In front you have the Raudal de La Magdalena from where the city was founded in Roman times.
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