Le Destroit

Atlit, Israel

Le Destroit is a ruined medieval fortified road station, built by the Templars of the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem in the early 12th century, located on the Mediterranean shore near a site where they later built the Chateau Pelerin castle, today close to the modern town of Atlit, Israel.

The coastal road near Atlit ran through a narrow passage in the rock, making it an ideal location for robbers to ambush pilgrims and other travelers. In 1103, Baldwin I of Jerusalem was wounded by robbers in the area. The tower fortress, which was situated on a ridge above the pass on the east side of the peninsula at Atlit, was built to protect these travelers.

The army led by King Richard I of England camped at the fortress following the recapture of Acre in 1191. However, when the larger Castrum Perigrinorum was completed in 1218, Le Destroit was dismantled by the Crusaders so that it couldn't be used by the Muslim enemy as a staging ground for an attack on the main castle. Denys Pringle indicates 1220 as the year Destroit was destroyed.

Today the podium-shaped tower base with rock-cut cisterns, the rock-cut yard containing the stables, as well as the moat can still be seen. The remains are cut into the living rock,[6] an aeolian quartz sandstone known in the region as kurkar.



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Atlit, Israel
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Founded: 12th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Israel

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User Reviews

Lioro (2 years ago)
Beautiful ruins from the Crusaders period and a unique beach.
Sapir (2 years ago)
Amazing place!!
zeev fld (5 years ago)
A beautiful place for watching gravel. The Cartha Reserve crosses Oren Creek through the Kurkar Ridge in an early artificial eruption that drains the creek water to the sea. Most of the ridge was carved in ancient times to build settlements in the area and especially the Old City of Atlit. Only in the vicinity did the ridge retain its original height.
D Ph. (6 years ago)
Very nice place for a houre walk, easy for children, takeing a dog is no problem. Parking availeble. Flowers blosem around spring (No picking) in Atum full of "Chzavim". On top of the old British betin structure there is a very nice view of the mt. Carmel, Haifa till Hadera in the south. On the ocian side thete is an old Crusade castle. From there its very close by to go for an Ocian side walk. Just keep nature clean and wslk the path only. Take care of little children so the wont fall into a pit or get lost. Enjoy
Ofer Molad (7 years ago)
Short, a lot of flowers, good views of sea, castles, caves. What's not to like?
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