St. John the Baptist Cathedral

Lublin, Poland

The Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist in Lublin was built between 1592 and 1617 as a church of the Society of Jesus. One of the first baroque churches in Poland, it was modeled after the Chiesa del Gesù in Rome of Giovanni Maria Bernadoni. It is a three-aisled basilica with a wide nave.. It was designated cathedral in the early 19th century, and since 1992, the archdiocesan cathedral.



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Królewska 10, Lublin, Poland
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Founded: 1592-1617
Category: Religious sites in Poland

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C T (15 months ago)
It was built between 1592 and 1617. One of the first baroque churches in Poland, it was modeled after the Chiesa del Gesù in Rome of Giovanni Maria Bernadoni. The cathedral has great interior. I visited there during Easter time.
Tolga (16 months ago)
Colorful catholic cathedral similar to many in poland. Still breathing of depths of ceiling height.
Priyadarshani Silva (3 years ago)
Very typical church structure and beautiful church. It has very big area and inside the church is adorable. Very high building and we can see all around the old city from top of the building. Inside the church is Very calm and peaceful. we can have mind relax by sitting inside the church. It is open for people who need to go inside and pray. There are many beautiful paintings inside the church and it is reflects traditional paintings.
Fèlix Oskar Mikolajski (5 years ago)
Beautiful, but by reading the information boards you can feel you are not welcome there if you are in a cohabitation relationship. For all of you not participating in religion classes at school, don't even think to ask for confirmation or a wedding there. Building very well renovated. To be honest a but too much, especially when you leave the building to look around at all of falling apart blocks of flats, detached houses that seem to be occupied. Visas, American Express, and MasterCard accepted for donations. Plus for accepting donations for the good purpose. The payment terminal has an option in English also. The mass is broadcast online.
Klaus Wanderer (5 years ago)
Spectacular cathedral, one of the most amazing in Poland and a great example of Baroque style. The frescoes are very interesting as well, it all looks very new and well maintained Even at noon on a regular week day there are dozens of faithful coming here
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