Zamosc Cathedral

Zamość, Poland

The Cathedral of the Resurrection and St. Thomas the Apostle is located in the old town of Zamość. It was built in the late 16th century. It is located in the so-called Route of Renaissance. The Cathedral was established by the city's founder, Jan Zamoyski, and the author of the project was architect Bernardo Morando an Italian, who took as a reference to the Italian churches of 15th and 16th centuries. Initially it was a collegiate church until 1992, when the Diocese of Zamosc-Lubaczów, who rose to the rank of cathedral by decision of then Pope John Paul II was established.



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Founded: 1696
Category: Religious sites in Poland

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Piotr Daszuta (14 months ago)
Klaus Wanderer (5 years ago)
400 years of continuous worshipping of Christ, a really splendid cathedral where people are actually attending the sermons. Quite astounding even more than the architecture is the faith of the people God bless Poland!
Alicja Miodonski (5 years ago)
Just beautiful!
Krzysztof Balanda (5 years ago)
Very good,very nice
Piotr Garbacz (6 years ago)
Nice church
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