Randeck Castle is a ruined hill castle on the Schlossberg west of the wine growing village of Mannweiler-Cölln. The castle was probably built in the 12th century. It is first recorded in 1202 with a Henry of Randeck (Henricus de Randeke). He was probably a grandson of Ulrich of Wartenberg.[1] He was succeeded in 1231 by his son Godfrey I of Randeck. The grandson of Godfrey in 1298, Dietrich of Randeck. Another grandson in 1311, George of Randeck. From here were also descended Eberhard of Randeck (d 1372), cathedral dean and Bishop-elect of Speyer.

The castle was loaned in 1649 by Emperor Ferdinand III to the Teutonic knight, Hans Ludwig of Lewenstein. After the Lewensteins died out, the castle fell in 1668 to the Electoral Mainz chancellor, Nikolaus Georg Reigersberg. In 1690, during the War of the Palatine Succession, the castle was suddenly stormed by the French and blown up. Despite that, a few of its buildings were made habitable again. It was reported in 1844 that the castle was in private hands; it was torn down and its materials utilised.

Today, the castle is owned by the Cultural History Society of Mannweiler-Cölln. The remains of the enceinte, a corner outwork, the flanking towers and the foundations of the bergfried have survived.



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Founded: 12th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Germany
Historical period: Hohenstaufen Dynasty (Germany)

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User Reviews

Gaby Schultz (2 years ago)
There is no parking or signage from the street. Google Maps says the destination has been reached even in the middle of the road. So parked back and below the solar park. Signage nonexistent! This trail was very muddy. Then a shield. Down across the meadow, through a ditch, then across a meadow again and finally a path! On the right it probably goes to the road, on the left to the ruins. Signposted but nothing! Then meadow again, but you can see an old chain and behind it a piece of wall! The ruin itself is totally overgrown. Only narrow trails. There isn't much either. On the other side it goes down quite steeply. But nothing is cordoned off or marked. It's really a pity, because the two stars are for the great view and the one nice bench.
Dani B. (2 years ago)
The Randeck ruins offer a great view of Mannweiler-Cölln and the surrounding area. Unfortunately, the site is not very well maintained and many bushes and trees overgrow it. The "old" hiking trail to Oberndorf is also partially overgrown, which is a shame. Nevertheless, there is a lot to discover and if you like "Lost Places", this is the place for you!
Jürgen Mosbach (3 years ago)
Here you can enjoy a very nice view, unfortunately there is not much to see of the castle apart from the foundation walls.
Sil BW (4 years ago)
With the most beautiful castle in Germany! Very big and cool... The tour is very interesting, exciting and informative... I'll definitely go there again.
Holger Uhl (4 years ago)
Great View - hard to find, only foundation is left of castle
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