Valsinni Castle

Valsinni, Italy

Valsinni Castle dates back to the 11th century. It was the place where the Italian Renaissance poet Isabella Morra was born, lived and died in the 16th century.


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Founded: 11th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Italy


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User Reviews

Ramash samathanam (10 months ago)
Woooooouuu that's all there is to say! ??? A lovely place! Valsinni is waiting to be discovered. Immersed in greenery. The ancient town presents itself with its flagship... The castle of Isabella morra. A poet Isabella Morra was born in Favale (today Valsinni) in 1520, the town is wonderful and very characteristic because of its villages and alleys. Every evening you can eat under the castle where there is a typical restaurant with Lucanian cuisine (but what am I telling you?! You eat very well!) during dinner you will be "accompanied" by the classic music of the minstrels (which I love) they give that extra touch. They play live on a small stage adjacent to the restaurant overlooking the main square. They ring from 10pm until 11.30pm/midnight sometimes. Very nice overall! At the end of each show, a projector displays the story of Isabella Morra on the facade of the castle ???✌️ beautiful, there's so much to see. Then there is also an ice cream shop and a pub always adjacent to the square where they make cocktails, sandwiches and drinks of all kinds. A place to stay in company and be immersed in the village! ?✌️? Both families and not. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. the locals are wonderfully hospitable, friendly.
Nick Pastore (11 months ago)
It’s nice but a serious up hill walk to get to just a few rooms available to the public who pays 3€ to enter. It looks much more interesting from afar in my opinion. The view is a different perspective of the valley which is nice to see.
Stefy Liona (4 years ago)
Couldn't get in
Johnny Hegarty (5 years ago)
Lovely veiws and a very passionate guide
nickey slowey (7 years ago)
Such a beautiful and quaint place, very special
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