Châteliers Abbey

La Flotte, France

In the 12th century, Cistercian monks founded Châteliers Abbey. It was badly damaged by English army and later during Wars of Religion. The abbey was finally dismantled in the 17th century to build the fort of Pree. Today the Gothic style church ruins remain, built probably around the year 1200.


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La Prée, La Flotte, France
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Founded: 12th century
Category: Religious sites in France
Historical period: Birth of Capetian dynasty (France)


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User Reviews

Ramona Serrano (7 months ago)
So entirely cool these Ruins in the middle of a field, close to the Fort (which was closed). So many questions came to my mind, why were restorations here never successful?!? The pieces of the structure left over are beautiful, the few signs around the ruins, in French only... while it's a touristy thing?!?!? But ok, will demve I to this with Uncle Google when I get home. If you like stuff like this, then a must see. If you are a cyclist, then bike by... do be careful though, google maps sent us here via a very loose sand path straight thru the forest which was impossible to bike on.
Winter Bren (10 months ago)
Beautiful abbey ruins on Ile de re. Free entry. Fully opened.
Helio Camillo Ruas (14 months ago)
An impressive place witht many centuries of History. Mandatory visit for those who go to Île de Ré.
Guy Arnold (2 years ago)
Beautiful spot, very well preserved.
Yannick Masson (2 years ago)
Beautiful stop on your way up the island, especially during the end of spring!! Also very well connected with bicycle lanes.
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