Château de Tennessus

Amailloux, France

Château de Tennessus is a stunningly authentic medieval fortress, complete with moat, drawbridge, arrow slits and monumental stone fireplaces and set in the heart of historic Poitou Charentes region of France.

The 3 magnificent and totally unique bed and breakfast rooms in this feudal castle each occupy a single floor of the 600 year old grade listed keep and have been decorated in true 14th century style with chivalric wall hangings, tapestries, canopied beds, hand crafted furniture and high standard bathroom facilities.Breakfast is served by candlelight in the huge stone vaulted guards chamber with its original flagstone flooring and massive 2 metre high torches.Row around the castle, fish in the moat, dip into the the refreshing pool or simply stroll through the tranquil period gardens of this historic fortress and allow its romantic medieval charm to transport you into the fairy tale world of the vibrant middle ages.


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Founded: 14th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in France
Historical period: Valois Dynasty and Hundred Year's War (France)


4.9/5 (based on Google user reviews)

User Reviews

Michael Anderson (5 years ago)
Authentic 13th century castle with deep moat and functioning drawbridge. Such a wonderful experience! The owners, Philippa and Nicholas, are lovely people who care deeply about their castle and ensuring their guests enjoy themselves. Be sure to order the home cooked dinner, it was our favorite meal of the entire trip. Go see Puy du Fou (hour drive) if you have the time - such a splendid theater amusement park!
Meredith Smith-Hornberger (5 years ago)
This chateau is perfect. Quiet and quaint. Philippa and her husband are sweet and helpful. They’ll let you roam around outside (go on a boat in the moat, garden, apple trees) The chateau has been well kept and upgraded just enough for comfort. Each room is a different theme, we stayed in the Knights Chambers. The breakfast spread was delicious.
P B (6 years ago)
M erveilleux E xceptionnel R are C haleureux I noubliable
J L (8 years ago)
Beautifully restored medieval castle. We stayed in the top room (King's Chamber) and had a wonderful 2 days of relaxing. The pool and small grounds with a myriad flowers and fruit trees offer a beautiful background while you relax like a medieval King and Queen. A little row boat allows you to row around the castle in the moat and get a close up view of the stone walls and turrets. A demonstration of the working drawbridge was also very impressive and interesting. Highly recommended experience for anyone who likes castles and/or medieval history.
Robert Wright (11 years ago)
this place is, for a 56 year old large boy , a dream come true,i discovered this castle quite by mistake when trolling the internet....the top room was absolutely amazing..approx 1000 sq feet....tiny weeny token kitchen ,which had everything in it ...a tiny weeny bathroom which was accessible through a little stone hole in the wall approx 4 feet 6 inches high , considering i am 6 feet plus was quite a subject of comedy for my wife....the whole experience was amazing....the king sized bed was a tiny dot in this wi fi no telly no phones just like a castle should be...Philipa the owner is a fountain of knowledge , good manners , politeness , and general likeabilty...the pigs.. the sheep .. the metal unicorn.. the armour the genuine arrows and various knight like props and paraphenalia... roof top access to the table n chairs ... great views seventeen windows...sixty steps up, not for the faint hearted...breakfast in the vaulted room is an experience...the swimming pool and the surrounding gardens and fruit trees..all stunning....very relaxed easygoing can stroll and go where you please....absolutely a dream come true....a work in progress...this family are titans for the amount of work done so far..xxxx
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