Château de Xaintrailles

Xaintrailles, France

The first castle in Xaintrailles is mentioned in 1259 as being held by three co-lords, all from the Xaintrailles family. It was built in the early 13th century, and what remains are the medieval outer courtyard, the keep, and the embankments of the south and west walls.

Jean Poton de Xaintrailles, a companion of Joan of Arc who died in 1461, followed by his successors Bernard de Lamothe and Antoine de Chamborel, governors of Casteljaloux, undertook constructions in the 15th century: two towers and the north residential wing. In the 16th century, turrets with fan-shaped projections were added to the south elevation, and moats and a drawbridge are mentioned in 1539. In 1570, the castle passed to the Montesquiou family, and later through marriage to the Lau de Lusignan family in 1724.

Around 1780, Armand de Lau, Marquis de Lusignan, had the moats filled in and an access arranged from the west. In 1824, the northeast rooms collapsed, and in 1843, the keep was partially restored based on the project of Gustave Bourières, the department's architect.

The oldest part of the castle is the 13th-century keep, with windows added in the 15th century. The north residential wing from the 15th century has one square floor and two attic floors with a hipped roof covered with flat tiles. Like the keep, it has an out-of-service staircase. The one-story and attic south building with turrets was renovated (kitchens). The west wing is flanked by two towers.

The U-shaped staircase and vestibule were added in the 18th century.


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Founded: 13th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in France
Historical period: Late Capetians (France)


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User Reviews

Corinne Lenoir (2 months ago)
Magnificent castle and the hosts are very pleasant and good in explanations
Dominique Agostini (3 months ago)
A private castle to discover for its keep and the anecdotes told with good nature by the owner. From the top of the keep, the view is magnificent over the surroundings.
Olivier Averty (11 months ago)
To discover a small castle with a history. Beautiful renovation and still an authentic part. Thank you to the family who owns this castle for allowing us the visit.
Paul Tulip (5 years ago)
It is a private residence and you can't get in Very disappointed
Paul Tulip (5 years ago)
Arrived to find it is not open to the public What a pity
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