Le Mans Roman Walls

Le Mans, France

The Roman wall in the old town of Le Mans is one of the best of its type still extant in France. The 1300m long construction is laid out with 12 towers wraps around the immaculately preserved and restored Plantagenet Old City. There are only two longer ancient Roman walls left, in Rome and Istanbul (Constantinopole). These walls are highlighted every summer (July and August) evening in a light show that tells the history of the town.


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Founded: 300 AD
Category: Castles and fortifications in France
Historical period: Roman Gaul (France)

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Lewis Zellmann (2 years ago)
If you are in Le Mans, the Cathedral must be on your list of places to go. But, I recommend you read a list about the building in advance and if someone on staff is available, ask lots of questions. It's been a great part of French history for over 800 years.
huumattham (2 years ago)
A cathedral beyond impressive. It's a must when you visit the city. There is a construction history of the place in details with cool models to compare. The cathedral development also links to interesting characters in medieval France and England. And speaking of internal decoration, it is more than great and admirable There are the oldest coloured glass window in Europe as well. You should check it out. Moreover, if you visit it on Sunday (and on Friday iirc since I visited on Sunday), there is a lovely market at the site. I loved the atmosphere.
Sarah Evans (5 years ago)
We visited during the day then returned in the evening for the lightshow. The cathederal is amazing, with the best stained glass we saw during our stay in France. And the lightshow (the main part of a series of lightshows throughout the city) is amazing. I've never seen anything like it. Definitely worth visiting if you are in the area.
M.Teresa Villanueva (5 years ago)
A wonderful Gothic Cathedral. Not forget to visit it and enjoy the different architectural parts of the Cathedral. There are some models to explain the Cathedral's historical periods of construction. There are some amazing angels paintings on the ceiling of one chapel. Windows are decorated with beautiful "vitral".
Eli Naba (5 years ago)
Visited there after closing time so was only able to see the outside. The cathedral is very beautiful at night, lighted with large projectors all around. The building is massive and is very impressive with a lot of gargoyles and sculptures
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