Synkavichy Fortified Church

Synkavichy, Belarus

The Church of St. Michael in Synkavichy is a Gothic church was built in 16th century. It is one of the first fortified churches in Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In 1880-1881, the temple was significantly reconstructed. In 1926, it was rebuilt as a Catholic church. In 1988-1990, it become Orthodox. This site was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List in 2004.

The defensive system of the church consists of four towers and loopholes placed under the vaults. The interior of the church looks like a hall, its cross-shaped vaults with nervuses rest on six pillars. With the purpose to improve the defence capacity the windows are raised high above the ground.



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P99, Synkavichy, Belarus
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Founded: 16th century
Category: Religious sites in Belarus


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User Reviews

Volodymyr Lюk (6 months ago)
The defense-type church of Michael the Archangel is incredibly beautiful and well-preserved. One of my favorite locations. Along the perimeter of the loophole, it has towers, is well-kept and maintained in good condition. Always open for visitors and excursions. Good entrance, there is parking.
Vladis lav (3 years ago)
CHURCH OF ST. MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL - village of Synkovichi, Zelvensky district, Grodno region, Republic of Belarus. Modern art critics and architectural historians agree that the temple was built at the beginning of the 16th century. However, restoration work showed that the building dates back to 1320, and in 1407 it was consecrated in the presence of Prince Vytautas, who rebuilt the dilapidated castle at that time into a church-fortress. In 1880-81 The roof was replaced, a vestibule and a dome were built over the apse, and the dome over the central part of the temple was dismantled. In 1891, a rubble-brick two-tier tetrahedral bell tower was erected in front of the church, reconstructed in 2007. In 1926, the church became a branch of the novitiate of the Jesuit mission in Albertina (Slonim) and the center of the Greek Catholic parish. After the establishment of Soviet power, the church was closed. Reopened as Orthodox - in the spring of 1989. By the way, some time in the middle of the 19th century. the church belonged to Catholics, who later abandoned it.
Pavel Roko (3 years ago)
A spiritualized, prayerful place worth visiting at least once in your life. Excellently preserved architecture, where beautiful photos are obtained. In general, you need to go ..
Igor Izhik (3 years ago)
Amazing place
Павел Пшённый (3 years ago)
The place is simply amazing, very picturesque surroundings and a majestic temple! I highly recommend visiting!
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