Goutum Church

Goutum, Netherlands

On the north side of Saint Agnes church in Goutum remnants of the an older tufa church from the 11th century or 12th century can be seen. The church was enlarged and heightened with brick in the 15th century and has a tower from the same century. The church was originally a Roman Catholic church dedicated to Saint Agnes, becoming a Protestant church after the Protestant Reformation.



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Buorren 23, Goutum, Netherlands
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Founded: 12th century
Category: Religious sites in Netherlands

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Trudi (2 years ago)
16-09-2018 The Agnes church is a beautiful little church in Goutum. We were here for a lecture from the Alliance Française; very interesting.
3DSBricker (3 years ago)
Tijn Wijnants (4 years ago)
rients terpstra (4 years ago)
Mooie oude kerk te Goutum.
rients terpstra (4 years ago)
Beautiful old church in Goutum.
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