Cicava Castle Ruins

Sedliská, Slovakia

The road south of the Veľká Domaša water reservoir leads below the ruins of the Čičava Castle, probably built in 1309-1316. The castle did not survive the last Rákoczis rebellion in 1711 when it was damaged.

The Castle is known for its “Book of Lies and Liars” held here in the 16th and 17th centuries, also referred to as the Book of Čičava - in which curious lies and names of liars were noted. The Slovak idiom “it should be entered in the Čičava Book” is still used and it refers to outrageous or bold lies.



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Sedliská, Slovakia
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Founded: 1309-1316
Category: Miscellaneous historic sites in Slovakia

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User Reviews

Karl Kolecava (13 months ago)
Soňa Kundrátová (2 years ago)
Nice location for a short trip. There are two ways how to get up on the castle. The longer one also includes information about bees and honey. The castle ruins are being reconstructed slowly but surely. The view is beautiful. ☺️
Joonas Böckler (2 years ago)
When it's raining, then the trail up is very slippery!! Other than that it's a great castle to visit!
Kevin Richter (4 years ago)
Very beautiful place, old castle is in progress of reparation. There was multiple workers around during our visit. It's very nice to see that there are still people that can take care of our heritage. Nice view from the top of the hill on surrounding villages and fields. This place is suitable for families with kids and you can easily spend there one or two hours especially if you like to read information boards :)
Michal Bernadič (4 years ago)
Great castle-ruin above main road, from which it is clearly visible. Parking seems free and not occupied at any tíme, two main roads lead to the ruin. One from mass transit stop, other from the cemetery side. Quite steep walking through woods, with mausoleum as one stop in middle way, whole walk takes a out 20 minutes easy walking. Then you enter the ruin area, which undergoes some reconstruction. Great views, nice places to take photos, very worth a visit. Whole trip takes about an hour from start to end.
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