Holy Cross Church

Kadaň, Czech Republic

The Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross is located on the site of an original Gothic church from the 13th century. A vestibule with circular vaulting was preserved from a building constructed in 1458, along with the bottom part of the tower. After a fire in 1635 the church was reconstructed in Baroque style (D. Rossi and D. Orsi) and also from 1746-1755 by J.K. Kosh. The church is used for religious purposes. A large reconstruction of the truss and facade was done by the Municipal Office in 1995.



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Founded: 15th century
Category: Religious sites in Czech Republic

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Petr Koldovský (5 years ago)
Barokní kostel Nejsvětější Trojice v Klášterci nad Ohří byl postaven v roce 1670.
Miroslav Palfi (5 years ago)
Klid, prostě funkční kostel římsko-katolického ritu.
Viky Špaček (6 years ago)
Krásný kostel Nejsvětější Trojice je nejvýznamnější církevní památkou v Klášterci nad Ohří
Petr Tirala (6 years ago)
Martin Žaloudek (7 years ago)
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