The German Tank Museum is an armoured fighting vehicle museum in Munster, Germany, the location of the Munster Training Area camp (not to be confused with the city of Münster). Its main aim is the documentation of the history of German armoured troops since 1917.

The museum displays tanks, military vehicles, weapons, small arms, uniforms, medals, decorations and military equipment from World War I to the present day. The heart of the exhibition is a collection of about 40 Bundeswehr and former East German (Nationale Volksarmee) tanks as well as 40 German tanks and other Wehrmacht vehicles from the Second World War. In addition there are tanks from the Soviet Red Army, the British Army and the United States Army from the Second World War, as well as other modern tanks such as the Israeli Merkava. Most of the vehicles are in working order, with restoration work ongoing to render all examples functional.

The museum site covers an area of over 9,000 square metres.  In 2003 the museum opened a new building for special displays, a museum shop and a cafeteria.



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Founded: 1983
Category: Museums in Germany
Historical period: Cold War and Separation (Germany)

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4.7/5 (based on Google user reviews)

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Sofus Würtz (16 months ago)
Very impressive collection, at least 2/3 of it is in English. Not much information about each vehicle, but all were in either top-mint or driving condition(!). As someone with tank knowledge/interest it took us a little more than 4 hours to see, but if you don't have particular interest, I would recon you would need about 1-2 h. A nice shop at the end where you can get a little food or ice cream. Another option for food is a grill across from the museum. You cans see about 5 vehicles in front of the museum without ticket.
Adam Mcneill (16 months ago)
If you get a chance to go to The Panzer Museum Munster you will walk alongside the historical track prints beside these Tanks, old and modern, old and young can see the real item, if you play World of Tanks your going to see your favourites here.
Karl S (20 months ago)
One of the coolest technology museums in Germany and Western Europe. Definitely a recommendation for history interested people.
Advocate Aidroos (22 months ago)
A refreshing experience to see live tanks in working order from my grandfather's Era Cold War. This museum is a historical depiction of German engineering at its best in terms of tanks. DAIMLER BENZ was responsible for most of the production. Hence their quality is still remarkable. Apart from the new Indian, Chinese, and African divisions due to which the new S Klasse was recalled for major steering lock issues.
Gerben Venekamp (2 years ago)
Impressive collection of tanks and a bit of info on its manufacturing and usage. Not only German tanks. Some are opened up for a better look inside.
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