Rauenstein Castle

Pockau-Lengefeld, Germany

Rauenstein Castle guarded the crossing over the River Flöha along the road from Freiberg to Annaberg. The castle is first mentioned in 1323, although from archaeological investigations it is postulated that it had been built by around 1200. The first lords of Rauenstein were the Schellenbergers.

After several changes of ruler, the castle went into the possession of the Electorate of Saxony in 1567. The Amt of Rauenstein was given to Wolkenstein in 1596. Around 1630 large structural changes were made. The road tunnel also dates to this time.

From 1651 to 1743 the castle was rented to the von Römer family, who had become very wealthy as a result of silver mining in the Schneeberg area. Its owner, Christian August Hähnel, who had bought Rauenstein in 1816, his nephew, Wolfgang, Freiherr von Herder (owner from 1843 to 1853) and another family member, Wilhelm Freiherr von Herder, were members of the Saxon Landtag. The next owner, Gottfried Freiherr von Herder, was a German Conservative Reichstag MP from 1893 to 1898.

After its confiscation as part of the land reform in the Soviet Zone of Occupation in 1945, the castle was used as a children's convalescent home. It has been owned by a private family since 1998 and may now only be viewed from the outside.



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Founded: c. 1200
Category: Castles and fortifications in Germany
Historical period: Hohenstaufen Dynasty (Germany)

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Bettina Götte (2 months ago)
Cozy, magical and not too overcrowded.....The smallest Christmas market we've ever been to. There was good food, mulled wine of course, a fire to warm up and a story time for the children with the Baron himself. The highlight for the little ones was the craft room.
Nirob Shovon (8 months ago)
One can get a great view from the bottom of the lake. Nearby train station 10 minutes walk.
Jürgen Ehnert (11 months ago)
Hannelore Berg (2 years ago)
Very beautiful landscape and good parking situation in a great historical ambience with beautiful decoration and a romantic garden. A very interesting and pleasant guided tour through the lovingly renovated rooms. Afterwards there was a great organic quality wine from Styria in the beautiful courtyard of the castle. A big thank you to the great young lords of the castle for the great enrichment of the region!
Gerd Augustin (2 years ago)
We were invited by friends to celebrate a birthday here. It couldn't be nicer. With an expert tour of the castle and an atmospheric conclusion in the romantic inner courtyard, unforgettable memories of this magical place remain.
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