Villalonso Castle

Villalonso, Spain

Villalonso Castle is one of the best conserved castles in the province of Zamora. The castle is a typical and notable example of 15th-century architecture; its construction may be attributed to Juan de Ulloa and his wife María de Sarmiento, whose coats of arms can be seen above the entrance gate. It played an important role during the siege of the queen Isabel the Catholic on Toro during her war against Juan 'La Beltraneja' and during the comunero rebelion against Carlos V.

In 1235 there was an earlier fortification at this site belonging to the Order of Alcántara. During the wars of the Catholic Kings against the King of Portugal, Villalonso Castle, along with other castles in the area, was in the hands of Pedro de Avendaño, in the name of the Portuguese king. At that time the count of Marialba, having fled the town of Toro, sought refuge in the castle shortly before the conquest of this city by the Castilian forces. The castle also played a role, although of small importance, in the War of the Communities.

The castle consisted of two enclosures and a wide moat still visible although mostly covered up.The outside enclosure has not been preserved. The interior one has been partially preserves. It is square and has cubes in the corners and a Tower of Homage, also square, in the centre of one of the sides, topped with a beautiful running crenellation.



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Founded: 15th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Spain


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User Reviews

jose luis fernandez (14 months ago)
Está perfectamente conservado, digno de ver
Antonio Alcina Sanchez (15 months ago)
Un lugar muy bonito para celebrar eventos lastima que estuviera cerrado
Figui Cat (16 months ago)
El castillo es una fortaleza medieval magníficamente restaurada. Se puede visitar y el dueño es una persona muy amable y gran conocedora de su historia. También se pueden celebrar eventos familiares o de otro tipo siendo éste un marco incomparable.
Fernando Choza (16 months ago)
En este castillo se rodó una película hacia los años 70, y acudieron como extras chicos y chicas de los pueblos de la zona. ¿Cómo se llamaba la película?
Fran Alonso (18 months ago)
Castillo impresionante y muy bien conservado, lástima no haber programado la visita para poder verlo por dentro.
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