Arcen Castle

Arcen, Netherlands

Arcen Castle was built in 1653 to the site of older castle destroyed in 1646. The origins date back to the 14th century. Castle gardens are today open to the public.


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Founded: 1653
Category: Castles and fortifications in Netherlands

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Anka S (7 months ago)
Beautiful garden and castle! We been during the Enchanted Gardens which was in October. We went for the extened tickets as we wanted to visit durinthg e day but also evening. The castle is very beautiful, nicely done and with good infor, unfortunately none was in English. It's very nice to visit as it's such a cosy place to be at. During the evening, the place was transformed in a fairytale. From the entrance till the exit everything was fabulous. The colours, the lights, the music, everything was perfect, it took alot of design and architecture to come up with such amazing play of lights and design. I love the fact that many lighting designs were made out of recycled plastic, very nice! It takes about 1-2 hours to cover the entire garden, depends on how often you stop to take pictures etc. There are also options for Cafes and food which you can get. Totally worth going here.
David Mann (8 months ago)
Some of the most beautiful and varied gardens I’ve ever been to. There are lots of themed gardens (Mediterranean, Asian etc) which means you are constantly engaged. There are parks for the children and free crazy golf for everyone.
Raymond Van Uffelen (9 months ago)
We visited the Enchanted Gardens tour, a wonderful light and sound experience in the huge caste gardens. Highly recommendable, the sights are stunning at times. If you have young kids: for them, it will be an amazing thing to experience.
Azian Shariff (11 months ago)
The castle itself is not that huge, but it is worth a visit. But the park is just amazing with different garden themes. It is also an ideal place for families with children.
Marta Csato (13 months ago)
Nice and tidy garden. I was with 2 children, but they were very bored the whole time. I recommend that they make more entertainment for the children while walking. I'm thinking here of swings, children's toys or more live animals. In my opinion, this program is only suitable for adults and the elderly, not for children. If you want to spend the day here with children, choose another program elsewhere.
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