Fatetar Castle

Espera, Spain

The Fatetar Castle is located on the top of the Monte Fatetar, in the highest part of the town and enyoy stunning views of both, the village and its surroundings.

Apparently the Fatetar Castle was built by Abderrahman III in 914. Though its origins are not well known, many cultures haved passed through this place, such as the Romans, Visigoths, Arabs, Muslims and Christians. Today you can still observe its keep and the remains of its walls.

The Chapel of the Holy Christ of Antigua is located adjoining the west angle of the Fatetar Castle which stands on the summit of a hill north of the  Espera town, with which it forms and architectural unit. The Chapel of the Holy Christ of Antigua served as a church to the inhabitants of the town until the consecration in the early seventeenth century, the Church of Our Lady of Grace, with the patronage of St. James, patron of the Christian Reconquests, wich suggests its pssible construction by the first Spanish forces that garrisoned the castle from the second half of the thirteenth century.



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Founded: 914 AD
Category: Castles and fortifications in Spain

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User Reviews

José Manuel Ortiz Hernández (14 months ago)
Es muy bonito pero siempre está cerrado. En la provincia de Cádiz no saben poner en valor el gran conjunto arquitectónico e histórico que posee.
Juani Muñoz (16 months ago)
Route area of ​​the white villages of Cádiz, very beautiful. The castle is at the top of the town and from it there are some very cool views
jose garcia (2 years ago)
The truth is that we could not enter because it was closed, however I was very surprised. I knew him from a friend from the town, and he had a very different image of the castle, however I found it very careful and spectacular. From the outside it looks very cool and from the outside you can see amazing views of the town of Espera. I'll be back ??
Rafael Diaz (2 years ago)
Nice views from the top of everything. Very quick visit to see and at the same time highly advisable.
Carmen Manzorro Cabeza (2 years ago)
The castle cannot be visited inside, but it is worth going up there to enjoy the wonderful views: the town of Espera below, surrounded by fields, and the Sierra mountains in the background. I recommend going up on foot, although there is a steep slope, to calmly contemplate the different panoramic views. You can go along the path of the cemetery and return along the path that goes to the heart of the town, so you can enjoy the view from two sides. In Espera it is worth visiting the small archaeological museum and the oil mill. And to eat, at the Frasquito bar: excellent food, abundant, and at a good price.
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