Roman Theatre

Cádiz, Spain

The Roman theatre of Cádiz is an ancient structure discovered in 1980. The theatre, which was likely built during the 1st century BC and was one of the largest ever built in the Roman empire, was abandoned in the 4th century and, in the 13th century, a fortress was built on its ruins by order of King Alfonso X of Castile.

The theatre featured a cavea with a diameter of more than 120 meters, and could house some 10,000 spectators. The theatre was one of the few Roman structures of ancient Hispania mentioned by classical authors, including Cicero and Strabo. Excavations in the site have also found remains of a quarter dating to the taifa period, Almohad houses and 17th century pits.



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Calle Mesón 17B, Cádiz, Spain
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Founded: 1st century BCE
Category: Prehistoric and archaeological sites in Spain

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User Reviews

David Crouchen (9 months ago)
Tucked away in a back street very close to the Cathedral. This is a hidden gem well worth a visit. Free entry.
Randall Eckerich (9 months ago)
Beautiful old style city. Many restaurants and small shops with food and ice cream. Take some time to wonder around and explore. You will find a small market in the old part of Cadiz. Here is an awesome place to try market place street food tapas style. Please go hungry you will want to try everything
Ranj Singh (11 months ago)
This is a great place to be transported back into time and see how Cádiz was 2000 years ago. It’s free entry and mostly empty so you get to take in all the history without massive crowds of tourists. The displays are useful but not really necessary as you seeing the theatre with your own eyes is all you need. Definitely recommend this place.
Laura Alexandra (11 months ago)
Free for EU citizens. It’s not much left of this theatre, but it is the oldest one around. It went through a lot of history so it’s worth seeing just because of that. The tunnel is in itself a very nice experience. It is the second largest theatre built by the Romans in Spain; only the theatre in Córdoba is larger. It is also the oldest known Roman theatre in Spain. It was constructed in around 70 BC.
Julie Turrentine (12 months ago)
This is a great stop to include in a walking tour of Cadiz. Entrance is through the small museum on the city side. No entry fee. We took a leisurely pace and were finished in about 40 minutes.
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