Alcazar of Jerez de la Frontera

Jerez de la Frontera, Spain

The Alcazar of Jerez de la Frontera is a former Moorish alcázar, now housing a park. A first fortress was probably built in the 11th century, when Jerez was part of the small kingdom of the taifa of Arcos de la Frontera, on a site settled since prehistoric times in the south-eastern corner of the city. In the 12th century, a new structure was erected to be used as both residence and fortress by the Almohad rulers of southern Spain. Later, after the Reconquista of Andalusia, it was the seat of the first Christian mayors.

Its various parts, which have been magnificently restored, include the Christianised Mosque dedicated to Santa María la Real, the Arabic Baths, the Oil Mill and the beautiful gardens.

The Dark Chamber is located in the tower of Villavicencio Palace (17th-18th centuries) in the Fortress, the oldest monument in this city. The visit includes a ticket for two exhibitions. The first one is about the dark chambers in the world. The second one is a themed exhibition about Jerez, explained by a guide who stands out the most important monuments.



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Founded: 11th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Spain


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User Reviews

Maria K (7 months ago)
Beautiful castle! We went for free because there was a tourism day , but otherwise the tickets on around 5€
Bel Stack (7 months ago)
Very well restored buildings. Interesting history of several eras. Lovely tranquil gardens and many opportunities for vistas across the city. Very low entrance fee
Hannah Frare (8 months ago)
Loved visiting this site. Very well preserved, with many signs in English as well as Spanish. For those areas with no English signage, you can easily use a QR code on your phone to get a voice over of the history. The gardens were beautiful, and on a Tuesday afternoon mid summer it wasn't super busy. There were plenty of shady spots to take breaks, which was good as it was much larger than we anticipated to see every inch of it. The pharmacy was a special treat. Highly recommend a visit if you are in the area and have the time.
peter swift (10 months ago)
Interesting castle with fantastic views. The castle has its own camera obscura, which must surely be unique. Great visit.
O'Dell Bishop (10 months ago)
This is an amazing site. Well documented with Spanish and English signage, a good couple of hours to see the site for only 5€, with "happy hour" discounts available at the end of the day. The Moors and the Christians are well represented in the centuries of history represented. The views from the higher points are worth the trips up the somewhat precarious stairs. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
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