Slunj Castle

Slunj, Croatia

An old fortification of the Frankopans, built during the wars against the Turks, Slovin was first mentioned in the 12th century. The old fort was property of the Frankopan family since the 15th century, joined by an old Franciscan monastery from the same period. Later, this town has been called Slunj. In the 16th century the town was ravaged by the Ottoman wars and turned into a military outpost of the Croatian Military Frontier, but by the end of the 17th century the settlement was rebuilt into the Slunj as it exists today. The castle has been developed to a fortress and served as headquarters for the commanding general of this area.



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Founded: 12th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Croatia

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Andrei Chetroi (2 years ago)
Thrilling fortress on a picturesque hill top in Slunj. Makes part of a hiking trail and gives a nice possibility for taking pictures inside of the fortification as well as of the surrounding dwellings. The informative plates on the route provides details on the history of that medieval castle and it's owners as well as this historical region of Croatia bordering to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Further excavations, reconstructions, arrangement of access route would be beneficial for developing that turistic hotspot in Croatia.
Kata Hugyecz (2 years ago)
The whole village is beautiful. We cant go to the ruins.
Eszter Markó (3 years ago)
Closed to visitors, not because of the corona but because it is uncared for. There is a building next to it on the hill but it has been unfinished for a long time and building material is all around.
Ivana Toplak (3 years ago)
Perfect example of true beauty of nature
Slađan Galušić (3 years ago)
Very nice
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