Ivan Mestrovic Gallery

Split, Croatia

Ivan Meštrović Gallery is dedicated to the work of the 20th-century sculptor, Ivan Meštrović (1883-1962). The gallery preserves and presents to the public the most significant works of Meštrović, and is in itself an art monument. The permanent collection includes works of sculpture, drawings, design, furniture and architecture. Holdings include original plaster models by the artist, as well as finished works in bronze, marble and wood. The gallery building and grounds were based on original plans by Meštrović himself, and included living and working areas, as well as exhibition spaces.

The gallery's holdings today contain 192 sculptures, 583 drawings, 4 paintings, 291 architectural plans and 2 furniture sets, one of which is made according to Meštrović's sketches and is a part of the new permanent display in the former dining room. The Ivan Meštrović Gallery also houses 168 works of art owned by Ivan Meštrović's heirs.



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Founded: 1952
Category: Museums in Croatia

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4.7/5 (based on Google user reviews)

User Reviews

Taylor Colpitts (5 months ago)
Some very nice sculptures organized and displayed with care. The staff were pleasant. Beautiful entrance with a perfect view of the water
Aleksandra (7 months ago)
A beautiful and unavoidable place in Split. Enchanting. The genius Ivan Meštrović and his legacy leave you breathless.
Viktor Milanovic (8 months ago)
Works of art are great and museum is beautiful, but historical revisionism is clear. Deliberately not giving a context for some peaces that are related to Yugoslavia. Political agenda is obvious. Do your own reasrch if you are interested in subject. You wont learn much here.
David S. K. Muessle (8 months ago)
Obviously some of the sights in Split, even though I don't really get why that's the case. The sculptures are okay-ish but nothing extraordinary. So yeah if you're into that form of art enjoy. Gardens and view from the terrace are also quite okay. Also included in the entrance is a chapel some two hundred metres down the street to the left, which again offers beautiful sea views.
marjan jenko (10 months ago)
Great art, magnificient architecture. Enjoyed both a lot!
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