St Athernase Church

Leuchars, United Kingdom

St Athernase Church is a Romanesque church located in Leuchars. The chancel and half-round apse date from the 12th century with the exterior featuring blind arcades with typical Norman arches. The church was granted by Ness son of William, Lord of Leuchars, to the canons of St Andrews in 1185. Around 1700 a belfry was added, and in 1858 restoration was carried out to the nave.

The church is open to the public in summer, at other times by arrangement. Relics preserved inside include part of a 9th-century cross-slab found near the village (closely comparable to the large collection at St Andrews Cathedral), and three elaborate 16th century memorial stones of the Bruces of Earlshall, the local lairds. One of the latter shows a full length figure of a woman, naive in execution, but valuable in documenting contemporary dress.



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Leuchars, United Kingdom
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Founded: 12th century
Category: Religious sites in United Kingdom

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David Wilson (11 months ago)
Shut, it was April I suppose but no information could be seen around the grounds about the building.
Gavin Wilson (14 months ago)
I just loved this church. The architecture and masonry detail were amazing to see. Our 3rd Great Grand Uncles death was recorded here. I had hoped that he'd be buried here with a headstone, but we couldn't find one. His name was Edmond Loyd Wilson, who died 1861.
choochoo161263 (2 years ago)
The most perfect of churches, in which my family is intrinsically entwined. My maternal great grandparents, grandparents, my parents were all married in St Athernase. My grandmother, my mother and myself were all christened here. Sadly they were all, thru local vicars, interned at St Michaels after passing thru the church. You could show me a million pictures of churches, this Norman towered stunner would always be the best.
thomas hamilton (2 years ago)
Some of this church dates back to a very early periodnice little graveyards of interesting gravestones
James Waters (5 years ago)
Beautiful building with a cemetery that’s also well worth a look. Loads of very old and fascinating graves, which really gives you a feel for the often sad history of the place.
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