Necropolis of Santu Pedru

Alghero, Italy

The necropolis of Santu Pedru is an archaeological site of the municipality of Alghero, Sardinia. Located near the road to Uri, the necropolis consists of 10 domus de janas. Dating back to the pre-Nuragic period (third millennium BC), the burial site was used for about a millennium during which alternated the cultures of Ozieri, Abealzu-Filigosa, Monte Claro, Bell Beaker and Bonnanaro.



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Founded: 2000-3000 BCE
Category: Cemeteries, mausoleums and burial places in Italy

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metalpsyche82 (18 months ago)
The area is freely visitable. So it's "open" 24/7. Only one tomb - the number 1 - is unaccessible. In order to visit it, you have to call the guides' number, as shown in the attached picture.
Mireia Fort Mabres (2 years ago)
it was amazing, a really beautiful spot to wander around a bit
Michal Hrcka (2 years ago)
Beautiful necropole. Absolutely without people. Just stop next to road and you are there. No entrance fee, just small fence ?
Maria Vittoria Pintore (4 years ago)
È affascinante e c'è un panorama stupendo. Peccato sia chiuso.
Nearly Lord Tom (4 years ago)
I did not find it on the map.
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