Church of San Juan Apóstol y Evangelista

Pravia, Spain

St. John Apostle and Evangelist (Iglesia de San Juan Apóstol y Evangelista) is a Roman Catholic Asturian pre-Romanesque church situated in Santianes de Pravia. The church contains a foundation stone in the form of a letter labyrinth ('Silo Princeps Fecit') that records the 8th-century founding of the church by King Silo of Asturias. The inscription Silo princeps fecit singularly combined in fifteen horizontal lines and nineteen perpendicular columns of letters. The T forms the beginning and the end of the first and last line in consequence of which the name Silo is not to be found till the eighth line and the S which begins it is exactly in the centre of that line and of the tenth column thus the name is in the shape of a cross as the letters above below and on each side of the S form the word Silo.



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Pravia, Spain
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Founded: 774-783 AD
Category: Religious sites in Spain

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User Reviews

Miguel Angel Fernández Sánchez (4 years ago)
Church of San Juan Evangelista. Important Asturian pre-Romanesque church. It is worth visiting.
Pachi Barrueco (4 years ago)
Small pre-Romanesque church. It is worth visiting if you are in Pravia. Nearby there is a museum and interpretation center.
Periko Palotes (4 years ago)
It is visited next to the small museum upon payment. The first Asturian pre-Romanesque church. Very rebuilt but fine. The guide, doing the doctoral thesis, very good. Inside the church, a baptismal pool of the time and on the Gothic altar crucifix with signs of having burned.
Felipe Prieto Bueno (4 years ago)
It is unique and interesting, it has a small museum 50 meters from the church, very well attended and with an excellent explanation.
David Jackson (7 years ago)
The oldest pre-romanesque church in Asturias dating from 780 AD is sympatheticaly restored and has a very pretty location in a hamlet outside Pravia. Well worth visiting if only to cross off from your "Pre-Romanesque Churches in Asturias I must see " list.
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