Tudela Castle was built to the ruins of Roman age fort in the 9th century and was demolished in 1383. Today only parts of tower and walls remain.


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Founded: 10th century AD
Category: Castles and fortifications in Spain


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Pedro de Mendoza (12 months ago)
A pity that an archaeological remains of that antiquity (minimum 11th century), which in another European country would be at least preserved, and in the best of cases musealized, is in such a state: eaten by the vegetation, the few remains ( According to internet sources, remains of the tower and part of the wall) are eaten up by the vegetation and can only be sensed. Besides, there is no signposting to get there, and the road is very winding (you have to honk the horn in curves so as not to be surprised by a car that goes down), only one road (sometimes you meet another car and you have to do juggling for the other to pass by reversing and looking for a hole), very steep, and in a terrible state (sometimes there is no asphalt). When you arrive, there is no access to the complex, since it is surrounded by private plots, and you only have to be content with walking around and seeing how little you can of the remains, and with the splendid views of the valley, since the complex is found at the top. That an archaeological remains, which according to internet sources is B.I.C., is not yet excavated (it is assumed that there is also a pre-Roman fort), and is in the aforementioned conditions, is a real nonsense; It is everyone's heritage, and it would also attract visitors that would surely have an impact on the local economy.
H Astur (14 months ago)
Fortress built on an old fort. Despite being declared a historical monument, it is in a sorry state of preservation. It is a shame that a city council like Oviedo spends millions on the Calatrava, various fountains, statues of doubtful value and thus has its historical heritage. Then they want to be a world heritage site, Canteli the rural area also exists
Avelino Martínez González (16 months ago)
The natural environment is magnificent with splendid views of the Sierra del Aramo and in the distance Mount Naranco and the city of Oviedo, but if we complete the circle of the gaze we will find the enormous bites of the mountain from which the cement plant of Tudela Veguín.
Álvaro Matías Sarmiento (2 years ago)
Great views
Marisol Guerrero Perez (2 years ago)
Very good
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