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Cardiff, United Kingdom

The National Museum of Wales was founded in 1905, with its royal charter granted in 1907. Construction of a new building in the civic complex of Cathays Park began in 1912, but owing to the First World War it did not open to the public until 1922, with the official opening taking place in 1927. The museum has collections of botany, fine and applied art, geology, and zoology.

The National Museum of Art opened in 2011. The collection of Old Master paintings in Cardiff includes, among other notable works, The Virgin and Child between Saint Helena and St Francis by Amico Aspertini, The Poulterer's Shop by Frans Snyders, A Calm by Jan van de Cappelle Since 2016, the museum has had Rembrandt's 1657 Portrait of Catharina Hooghsaet on permanent display.

There are also collections of landscape paintings, portraits, French art and works by all of the notable Welsh artists, including landscapes by Richard Wilson and the pioneering Thomas Jones. The collection of 20th-century art includes works by sculptors Jacob Epstein, Herbert Ward and Eric Gill and painters including Stanley Spencer, the British Impressionist Wynford Dewhurst, L. S. Lowry, and Oskar Kokoschka.



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Cardiff, United Kingdom
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Founded: 1905
Category: Museums in United Kingdom

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User Reviews

Syam ranjith (7 months ago)
Good museum. There are two parks around the museum. Good place to visit with children.
John Pope (7 months ago)
I love this place. I had my first kiss in the Egypt exhibition fifteen years ago and still make a point of going at least once a year. It really makes learning fun again
Drew Gore (8 months ago)
These guys are so inventive and their online work - Richard Burton especially - is awesome.
Charles Mitchell (9 months ago)
Really enjoyed the online ‘exhibition’ about Richard Burton. So much I didn’t know abut him. Good job!
Peter Brostrom (11 months ago)
The National Museum of Wales is awesome, entrace was free but donations are welcome and it has coffee shop too. Amazing place to go with family. Lots of dinosaurs and natural history so much fun, love it!
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