Church of Saints Iasson and Sossipatros

Corfu, Greece

Church of Saints Iasson and Sossipatros is dedicated to the two Saints Iasson and Sosipatros, both Paul's disciples, who spread the Christianity on Corfu island.This church was constructed in the 11th century on the ruins of a monastery and it is one of the few examples of Byzantine architecture left standing.

Stones collected from abandoned ancient buildings were used in its construction and expert builders were called in from Attica. Externally it is characterized by the disposition of red bricks around doors and windows in rows that create a decoration. Inside there are the graves of the two Saints, their icons realized in the XVII century by E. Tsanes of the Cretan School and the fresco of St Arsenio. From 1960 to 1980 many restoration works of both frescoes and icons were made.



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Founded: 11th century
Category: Religious sites in Greece


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User Reviews

Pravo Slavni (11 months ago)
Very beautyful old church. Their ist No so much parkingplace but the church was completly empty.
Sebastian Liksza (13 months ago)
Beautiful jem lying in the suburbs of Corfu Town. Love the ambience and harmony both inside this church and in this tranquil district. Especially, given that the building is much older than any other building in the proximity. Interior very sophisticated with parts of fresco. Visited at 9am and was opened. One of the best Corfu attractions, surpeising that we were alone there.
Mark Vanautgaerden (2 years ago)
A must see when you are in the neighborhood. Looks great from the outside but make sure you arrive before closing time as the interior is also worth to have a look. The interior used to be covered in frescoes but over time they were plastered over. Now only few parts are uncovered again so you have some idea how splendid it would have looked. For the rest this is a archetypal example of a byzantine basilica.
Patrycja Kućmierczyk (2 years ago)
The most important Middle Byzantine monument on the island. The church was erected around 1000 with the use of stones from the surrounding ancient buildings. Unfortunately, there is no information if / when the temple is open to visit the interior.
David Daly (3 years ago)
Delightful old Church, situated a few streets back from the seafront at the Anemomilos Windmill. Do check the opening hours before visiting. Full of beautiful icons, frescos and religious images.
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