Caerleon Roman Fortress and Baths

Newport, United Kingdom

The Caerleon Roman Fortress and Baths museum is a historical site located in the town of Caerleon. Roman Wales was the farthest point west that the Roman Empire in Roman Britain extended to, and as a defence point, the fortress at Caerleon built in AD 75 was one of only three permanent Roman Legionary fortresses in Roman Britain. It was occupied and operational for just over 200 years.

The site of the baths was excavated in the late 1970s, and a curator was appointed in 1980 when the site was opened to the public.

The Roman Baths Museum lies inside what remains of the fortress of Isca Augusta close to the National Roman Legion Museum. The baths museum has a covered walkway over part of the remains of the military bath house. There was a frigidarium, tepidarium and caldarium, as well as an open-air swimming pool.



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Founded: 75 AD
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User Reviews

Bridget Marie (8 months ago)
We had a really enjoyable visit to this fabulous museum.and garden in Caerleon.So much history and many interesting artefacts found locally on display.Kids would love it as there is an area with helmets and things to dress up in.The staff are really friendly and knowledgeable and told us lots of interesting facts about the area.Will definately visit again.Id like to see the Roman baths,which look amazing.Well worth a visit if youre in the area or live nearby.Oh and its free entry to the museum too,though you can give a donation if you choose!
Mark Davies (10 months ago)
It's OK. Pricey for a couple of minutes it takes to walk around. The museum down the road is free and much better time spent.. car park is tiny and you have to pay. I recommend going to amphitheatre and park there and walk back up..
Aurelia Ghenuche (12 months ago)
I visited the baths (£5.00), the baracks and the amphitheatre (these are free). I didn't go to the museum so I don't know if there's an entrance fee. They are not all in the same place, for the amphitheatre and the barracks it's a 5-10 minutes walk. There's not really much to see, but it's informative and a nice addition to the list of Roman ruins fans. Public transport - lines 29, 29A from Newport Friars Walk bus station
Claire Beeson (12 months ago)
Amazing area with lots to see especially if you live all things Roman! There’s the excavated barracks, Amphitheatre, Roman Baths and Museum! Really fascinating so glad we visited! The village has a few pubs and coffee shops plus hotel so you can make a whole day of it!
kristina lee (13 months ago)
This museum allows you to understand the history of the Romans coming to Britain. Although the exhibition is not large, every exhibition is very precious and worth seeing.
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