Green-Wood Cemetery

New York, United States

Green-Wood Cemetery  in the western portion of Brooklyn was founded in 1838 as a rural cemetery, in a time of rapid urbanization when churchyards in New York City were becoming overcrowded. 

Green-Wood's site is characterized by varied topography created by glacial moraines, particularly the Harbor Hill Moraine. Battle Hill (also known as Gowan's Heights), the highest point in Brooklyn. It was the site of an important action during the Battle of Long Island on August 27, 1776. A Revolutionary War monument by Frederick Ruckstull, Altar to Liberty: Minerva, was erected there in 1920.

There are several famous monuments and mausoleums located there, designed in several architectural styles including the Classical, Egyptian, Gothic, and Romanesque styles. In addition, many tombs contain ornate sculptural decoration. Among the first monuments was a statue of DeWitt Clinton, built in 1853. There is also a memorial erected by James Brown, president of Brown Brothers bank and the Collins Line, to the six members of his family lost in the SS Arctic disaster of 1854. This incorporates a sculpture of the ship, half-submerged by the waves, as well as a Civil War Memorial. In 1868–1876, after the war ended, the Civil War Soldiers' Monument was erected at the highest point in Green-Wood.



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Samantha Elia (4 months ago)
A MUST visit. There was practically no one when we visited which made the space even more holy and beautiful. Plan at least a couple hours for your visit, if you would like tour it properly.
Todd Abel (7 months ago)
If you travel, this cemetery does more than carry the dead, There is a entrance building that is guarding the place!. Its architecture is history! And beautiful. Its park like feel and buildings looking on from the outside, made me want to come see what this cemetery was all about. I spent time here with God! it became a means of escape with the lord king Jesus!. Pleasently enough it became a refuge without me feeling creepy. Not only am I trying to explain experience,You have all the outdoor smells that one is attracted to. Flowers, gardens, ponds ect I talked and walked with my lord able to focus and enjoy the geography of the location and how carved out the place was with the design in buildings, plots, and landscaping of things. My thoughts wondered about over the hills and ponds,over the architecture history. The most important thing was my connection with my lord king Jesus. i enjoyed the walks down the twisted paths that stretches into very scenic routes over the park. It is beautiful and amazing. This is one of those times were I can say I will let the pictures do the talking. I never was one to hang out with the dead. But the scripture rang true, Luke 9:60. you will enjoy this cemetery just as much as a park, a cabin on the lake, the grand canyon ect ect.
Asια (13 months ago)
genuinely the most beautiful cemetery I have been to so far, which is generally not a lot considering this is only the second one but this place is amazing it's peaceful, it's beautiful, the artistry shown with the mausoleums and tombstones is also incredible to look at if I lived around here I'd go here everyday
Mai Mai (15 months ago)
Hands down, my favorite place in the city. It’s absolutely gorgeous in all seasons; great place to explore, and learn history, and see nature all without leaving Brooklyn. They have a great selection of amazing tours for those who’d like a deeper dive into history. But even without it’s a perfect place for a stroll and to get away from the hustle.
Fang (15 months ago)
It's a place I like to see less reviews understand people because the cemetery doesn't exactly treat it as a real attraction. I went a few times a week and didn't find many people. Saw the trees, plants, statues and various birds inside. I feel like I can accept it as a place of interest. There are also interesting places of interest that have stories to tell. It is not even inferior to the adjacent Prospect Park, after all, this cemetery is also large. There are just no big lakes and a few medium-sized river pools. You can also experience climbing in it, with many winding paths. You can also go to the high slope like a hill, you can see the whole Manhattan, in the high place can see the Brooklyn city look.
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