St. Patrick's Cathedral

New York, United States

St. Patrick's Cathedral was constructed starting in 1858 to accommodate the growing Archdiocese of New York and to replace St. Patrick's Old Cathedral. Work was halted in the early 1860s during the American Civil War; the cathedral was completed in 1878 and dedicated on May 25, 1879. The archbishop's house and rectory were added in the early 1880s, both by James Renwick Jr., and the spires were added in 1888. A Lady chapel designed by Charles T. Mathews was constructed from 1901 to 1906. The cathedral was consecrated on October 5, 1910, after all its debt had been paid off. Extensive restorations of the cathedral were conducted several times, including in the 1940s, 1970s, and 2010s.

St. Patrick's Cathedral is clad in marble and has several dozen stained glass windows. It measures 101 m long, with a maximum width of 53 m at the transepts. The bronze doors that form the cathedral's main entrance on Fifth Avenue are flanked by towers with spires rising 100 m. The northern tower contains nineteen bells, and the interior has two pipe organs. Inside is a nave flanked by several chapels; two transepts; a chancel and apse; and a crypt. East of the apse are the rectory, Lady chapel, and archbishop's residence facing Madison Avenue.




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Founded: 1858
Category: Religious sites in United States


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User Reviews

Aránzazu Ascunce (10 months ago)
Truth telling homily, without the sugar coating. Keeping it real. Sacred ground. We were lucky to visit just a few days after St. Patrick's Day, so the church was still dressed up with banners, moss covered rocks and beautiful green flowers. It was a privilege to be near a relic of the great saint. St. Patrick, pray for us!
Matt H (11 months ago)
A true beauty in the heart of Manhattan. If you wish to spend an hour or two and around $10 (candle "donation" times 5 candles) then St Patrick's is an amazing choice. Pray, take pictures, relax, warm up. St. Patrick's is easily the #1 place I recommend people see in this area of Manhattan. Enjoyment is everywhere. The beauty, calmness and serenity that is experienced here is unmatched. Stop by, visit, "donate" a few dollars ($2 for a candle). If you can, donate a few more dollars, because what St. Patrick's offers and succeeds in doing so is provide a truly special and unique experience.
Richard Tag . . . (12 months ago)
. How can any human being go wrong in God's Palace. . The local "Parish Church" for all of America is a perfect place for rest and reflections. Well situated on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue and Fifieth Street. . Security screenings are discretely managed. Sundays and special occasions take this Edifice over the top. Nice Gift Shop in the Cathedral and still larger space on 51st Street near Madison Avenue. . As a native New Yorker it is really highly recommended you all visit, both travelers far and wide. From Alaska to Antarctica and everything in between, you all are welcomed with open arms and full hearts to a Shrine of Peaceful Good Will. . One other thing. The Cathedral can really pull out all the stops for our New York Police Department's Fallen Heroes. A Funeral in late January 2022 was both elegant and extremely well attended. The Cathedral could not hold the thousands upon thousands of Law Enforcement personnel and ordinary folks that wanted to attend and pay their respects. We stood in blustery cold weather with snow showers to witness this passage of time. A beautiful send-off.
Tamara Rutenber (2 years ago)
Truly awe-inspiring. This is the first opportunity I've had to tour the cathedral. It's so beautiful with its soaring ceiling that seems to stretch to heaven. Take the time to walk the perimeter and see the detailed statues and reliefs. We lit a few votives for loves ones at one of the many candle stations. It was wonderful to see the people quietly touring the building intermixing with worshippers who knelt or sat in the pews. Everyone was respectful of each other. Quite refreshing to see right now. Please like this review if you found it helpful.
Alexander Lobo (2 years ago)
One of New York's most beautiful jewels! The City has amazing icons and it is well known all over the world as the City that never sleeps because of its 24 hours things to do. However, if you are one of those crazy people like me, who enjoy seeing architectural designs of all kinds, this Cathedral must be included in your itinerary. Saint Patrick Cathedral was built among several taller buildings, although it is not as tall as the structures that surround it, it's majestic structure captures the eyes of tourists right away. Take some time to walk inside. It is simply gorgeous, and if you are lucky enough you might have the opportunity to listen to the beautiful organ music, it is just breathtaking.
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