Libá Castle

Libá, Czech Republic

Libá Castle and palace were the center of the Liebenstein rule. Hans von Sparneck sold Liebenstein Castle in 1426 to the von Zedtwitz family on Neuberg , who had already built up considerable property in the Ascher Ländchen. The robber baron Jörg von Zedtwitz used the castle for his raids against the city of Eger and owners of neighboring castles such as Seeberg or Haslau. The castle was finally destroyed by troops from the city of Eger, and Jörg von Zedtwitz narrowly escaped with his life. Christoph von Zedtwitz was the defending captain in 1553Siege of court .

The castle fell into ruin in the decades after the Second World War. After the end of Czechoslovakia , decisive steps were taken to preserve it. A private investor intends to use the castle as a hotel. The first repair measures, such as a complete roof repair, the insertion of windows and repair work on the outer facade, stopped the advanced decay. In the meantime, excavation work in the basement has brought new knowledge about the first castle complex at this point. Destroyed rooms were reconstructed with stucco decorations based on old photographs . The castle is currently inaccessible as a construction site.



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Libá, Czech Republic
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Founded: 13th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Czech Republic


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User Reviews

Dana Hnaťuková (3 years ago)
The castle, which is located 1.5 km from the German border, is privately owned and is still being renovated. Mrs. Kastelánka is very nice and helpful, thank you again for the beautiful explanation, which was accompanied by a video about the history of the castle, and later reconstructions into a castle. It does not matter who is the owner, but the fact that tourists can enjoy a successful reconstruction of the castle, the difference is really big ...
Hanka B (3 years ago)
Absolutely great place that definitely deserves a visit. One only wonders what skillful hands can do ? the castle, which was totally devastated and destroyed, slowly grows from the rubble and begins to wake up to life. It is very nicely repaired. We had a very nice and pleasant guide, so the tour was really worth it. In addition, a sales exhibition of paintings is currently underway, so further diversification. The ascent to the tower was a great ending ?
Stanislav Dvorak (3 years ago)
It is good to call in advance, however, everything without problems, even though I called long before the start of the tour, the guide took us earlier so we would not have to wait. Very nice explanation, because I'm on construction / reconstruction, so I was very interested. However, do not expect fully restored rooms full of objects, but still a very pleasant change
Irena Vrbová (3 years ago)
Libá Castle, I don't know what to say. It was closed, even though it was supposed to be open. But it was nice in the pub under lock and key.
Will Buchanan (3 years ago)
Fabulous setting, great concert with a super bar!!
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