Skalka Castle was built in the early 14th century. The first proven owner was Petr von Skalka between 1357 and 1360. In 1418, Skalken came to Hans von Sullowitz and remained in the possession of the noble family Cappleri de Sulewicz until 1540. In 1639 the Swedes burned the castle and it was not rebuilt.

At the end of the 17th century, Jan Hrzán von Harras built a Baroque palace at the foot of the castle rock. The building material was obtained from the decaying castle, so that today, apart from the picturesque keep, which is not accessible, no other remains of the castle complex are preserved. Inside the tower, which last served as a hunger tower, inscriptions from the 17th century by prisoners have been found.

After the expropriation of the Schönborns, the castle served as a storage facility for the Litoměřice State Regional Archives from 1945 . In 1959 some repairs were made to the building. The castle has been owned by the Vlastislav Municipality since 2001. After repairs have been carried out, the second floor can be used for exhibitions and cultural events. The ground floor and first floor are in poor structural condition; security measures will continue to be carried out on the building fabric. The interior of the castle has not been preserved.



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Vlastislav, Czech Republic
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Founded: 14th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Czech Republic

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Jaroslav Humhal (15 months ago)
Nice castle. With an exhibition of strollers.
MARTIN JANIUREK (16 months ago)
The castle and the ruins of the Skalka castle are located in the village of Vlastislav in the Český středohoří, where there is something to see on almost every hill. Although it is impossible to do everything, if you are passing by, make sure to make a small stop and go to the ruins at least for a walk. The first written mention is from the 14th century. After that, it changed hands several times. When the castle was ravaged by the Swedes in 1639, it was never rebuilt and fell into disrepair ever since. Today in the property of the village of Vlastislav.
pepekanamornik (17 months ago)
Přivítala mě tu paní s cigaretou se slovy "co tu chcete, tady nic není". Říkám, že bych se rád podíval dovnitř. Paní promptně utrousila, že uvnitř nic není, že vstup stojí 20 Kč a že výhled a příroda je zadarmo. Raději jsem se otočil a šel pryč. Nepříjemné setkání...
Yvetta Blažejová (23 months ago)
Beautiful views of the region, I recommend.
Vladimír Ulrich (2 years ago)
We drove around, the tower attracted us from a distance. Nothing pulled us up close.
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