Weißenborn Castle

Weißenborn, Saxony, Germany

Weißenborn Castle was first mentioned in a document in 1213 together with the village of the same name. Weißenborn was given to the Freiberg family von Hartitzsch as a fief in 1365, and it remained in their possession until 1802. The castle was built probably in the 14th century. Weissenborn was also not spared from wars, looting and the plague.

In 1802, Alexander von Hartitzsch sold the castle and manor to Christoph Schubert, who passed both on to a cavalry master from Weißenbach . Colonel Freiherr von Wangenheim acquired the manor from Count Hohenthal-Püchau in 1882 and kept it until 1924. In 1931, Dr. Otto Fritz new owner of the manor and expropriated in 1945. During the GDR era there was a culture house in the premises. Weissenborn Castle has been privately owned again since 2010.



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Founded: 13th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Germany
Historical period: Hohenstaufen Dynasty (Germany)

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Weirdo draws (2 years ago)
A beautiful renaissance castle. That directly awakens unfulfilled house dreams. Worth seeing, even if only mostly from the outside, because I'm afraid that the owners are not so keen on a herd of culture enthusiasts in the living room.
Gernot Berndt (3 years ago)
The Renaissance castle Weißenborn is in a good renovated state, first mentioned in 1213. From 1365 owned by the Freiberg family von Hartitzsch until 1802. In the following years the property was sold several times, expropriated in 1945. Weissenborn Castle served as a cultural center during the GDR era. I like to remember some events, company and brigade celebrations. Some concepts after the turnaround were wrong decisions. Weißenborn Castle has been privately owned since 2010.
Alwin Albrecht (4 years ago)
Beautiful little renaissance castle. The 14th-century castle was built by the von Hartitzsch family, who had received the fief Weißenborn. It remained until 1882 in the possession of the family.
Frank S. (4 years ago)
... beautifully restored ???
Anke Mauersberger (5 years ago)
Nice sight which you can also enjoy from the outdoor pool.
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