Basilica of Saint Maternus

Walcourt, Belgium

The Basilica of Saint Maternus (Basilique Saint-Materne) is a minor basilica in Walcourt. According to legend, an oratory was founded here by Maternus of Cologne (c. 285–315), who also carved a Madonna to replace an earlier pagan idol. The church does in fact contain a wooden Madonna, albeit from 950–1020, but still one of the oldest preserved Marian devotional statues in Western Christianity.

The church was consecrated in 1026. The presence of the Madonna and its allegedly miraculous properties led to the development of the church into a pilgrimage site during the Middle Ages. Subsequently, the church was rebuilt into the Gothic edifice seen today between the 13th and 16th centuries.

It contains a decorated rood screen from 1521, donated by Emperor Charles V, and decorated choir stalls from the early 16th century. The church has been damaged by fire and war on several occasions, most recently in May 1940 during World War II. Since 1941 it has been a listed building, and since 1950 classified as a minor basilica.



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Founded: 1026
Category: Religious sites in Belgium

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Ronald Lepoint (11 months ago)
At the confuence of the waters d'Heure and Yves on a rough rocky outcrop, ancient sacred site, rises, haughty, an austere mystical vessel dedicated to the Marian cult, within the sacred walls, sparkle the gleams of wax dedicated to the multiple requests of the human soul often in distress???. To see, to be moved, to meditate???.
Teodor Iordachescu (15 months ago)
Anaïs d'Auray (Adauray) (2 years ago)
The church dominates this very ancient town. There we admire a splendid Gothic-Renaissance jjube, the most beautiful of its kind in Belgium after that of Lierre.
Olivier Berlanda (2 years ago)
Superb building that deserves the visit of this small town. However, no infrastructure around is up to the tourist potential. A sumptuous diamond in a twilight setting. We can see but not contemplate. Damage.
Joost Scheldeman (3 years ago)
Very nice basilica to visit
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