Collegiate Church of Our Lady

Dinant, Belgium

The Collegiate Church of Our Lady (Collégiale Notre Dame de Dinant) is a 13th-century Gothic cathedral in Dinant, on the banks of the River Meuse. The collegiate church replaced a 10th-century Romanesque church which collapsed in 1228, leaving only the North door. Its most iconic part is the separate 16th century pear-shaped bell tower.



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Founded: 13th century
Category: Religious sites in Belgium

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Greg M (7 months ago)
Magnificent. Dinant is a beautiful town, the Citadel is built on the hill of the town on a fantastic spot. The Gothic architecture influenced by other styles of European and classical eras, is wonderful. So many things to see. From the war museum to the Disney museum. History and Art meet there, a must go for everyone that visits Dinant and Belgium in general. Great view of the city and the river from the rampart of the fortress. Beautiful ride with the cable vehicle that rides you to the Citadel.
Ruzanna Konjoryan (7 months ago)
Very good energy, friendly atmosphere you can see quite organised clean and spacious place, we had a chance to listen to French catholic priest during Easter ceremony and that was very harmonious speech even if you don’t understand French ,, Notre Dame de Dinant is an amazing architectural heritage that Belgian people can be proud of , a must visit place
Erick Hasbun (8 months ago)
Dinant is a picturesque city in Belgium that was the birthplace of the inventor of the saxophone, Adolphe Sax. In Mr. Sax's House, there are interactive exhibits on the instruments. At least visually, this is the coolest and darkest building in Dinant. Combined with the rock behind it, it creates a picturesque scene typical of this town, of which you should take a photograph. Beautiful city with a magnificent cathedral from the outside and inside. An extremely tall Gothic church built in the 13th century after a huge rock fell from the mountain and destroyed the previous structure. Dinant still retains the sacred relics of Saint Perpète, patron saint of the city. Additionally, you can see the enormous bronze dome which dates back to the 16th century.
1girl 1passport (8 months ago)
Stunning, drove all the way here just to get that picture across the river.
Sid (12 months ago)
Nice Church.The dome is just very unique to any church. Its very black which adds a wallpaper like setting to the Dinant mountains.
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