Oria Castle

Oria, Italy

The Swabian Castle in Oria is a wonderful construction built between 1225 and 1233 at the behest of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II. Over the centuries, it has been inhabited by princes, knights and noblemen. It has a triangular plan and is characterised by three towers called Quadrata (Square), Del cavaliere (of the knight) and Del Salto (Jump): the first one was built during the time of Frederick II, while the other two under the Angevin domination.

According to a local tradition, the foggy atmosphere which shrouds the castle is not just a natural phenomenon, but it recalls something which happened during the construction of the castle, known as Oria Fumosa, foggy Oria. A must-see is the castle at sunset, with an amazing picture-postcard view, which can be admired from any place in the town.



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Via San Quirico 26, Oria, Italy
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Founded: 1225-1233
Category: Castles and fortifications in Italy


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User Reviews

Stefano C (Dj Stef) (2 years ago)
An enchanted place full of history and legend, it should not be closed to the public. I was lucky enough to see it a few years ago on the occasion of the FAI day and many years ago when it was still in the municipality. I hope it will be back soon free and open for everyone.
Giuseppe Lo Conte (2 years ago)
Beautiful from the outside. Always closed. Private. Not open for years except for special days and sipped over the years. Only the surrounding park is accessible.
Virginio Rossetti (2 years ago)
Certainly very interesting but not open to visitors ... it is a pity that the usual Italian diatribes between the owners and the municipality do not reach a meeting point for the redevelopment and maintenance of the castle and consequently it seems, at least from the outside, left to itself. Well done ... congratulations!
Romulo M Hernandez H (4 years ago)
Martin Boehm (5 years ago)
A castle with high historic value but allegedly closed due to disputes of the owners with municipality, as I understood during an excellent exhibition of medieval weapons in the church San Giovanni Battista close to the castle. A good impression of the castle structure can be gained nevertheless when walking through Parco Montalbano.
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