Gallipoli Castle

Gallipoli, Italy

The Angevine-Aragonese castle of Gallipoli dates back to the 13th-14th centuries, but the town used to have a stronghold already during Roman time, together with towers enlarged by the Byzantines and by the Normans. The Angevins and the Aragonese modified the structure of the fortress, but Francesco di Giorgio Martini was the one who made important changes. During the 19th century the moat was filled up and the arches which used to support the lift bridge were filled in.

The fortress has a square base strengthened  by the four towers. The tower Vedetta, topped by merlons, has a polygonal shape. The other towers are surrounded by a string course and are decorated with small arches. The eastern curtain, the Rivellino, is a fifth circular tower separated from the rest of the walls and has not been renovated yet. Inside it, there are large rooms with barrel and cross vaults.



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Founded: 13th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Italy

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Dejan Braki (9 months ago)
The Gallipoli Castle stands just aside the bridge to the old town. It's a 17 c structure built to control the harbor entrance. Castle is in a good shape and can be seen entirely walking the mainland side and from the bridge
Evan S (Brusi) (10 months ago)
Must visit castle! One of if not the best and informational castles we visited. Super affordable at 5€ and optional 3€ self guided tour. Not overly crowded with tourists and really cool underground areas.
Srecko Smilk (11 months ago)
The city took me by surprise. The vastly entry ticket was realistic 5 EUR, the sandy beach with wall and see views great. The best experience was seeing everyone from 7 to 77 to enjoy the evening from 8.00 PM to midnight. Everyone was dining and vining. Restaurants played variety of music. Something for everyone. So warm, happy and lovely nation. I will be back. Trust me, for sure.
Marco Farinelli (11 months ago)
Beautiful castle. Well explained with lots of information. Was currently reduced in price for €5 p.p.
RAM IMAGERY (12 months ago)
Absolutely loved it. Beautiful all around. The architecture. The ppl. The food. Trully the best ofr a sunset walk
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