Oria Cathedral

Oria, Italy

Oria Cathedral (Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta) is the episcopal seat of the Diocese of Oria. In 1750 the then bishop of Oria demolished the 13th-century Romanesque cathedral that stood previously on the site, which had been left unsafe by the earthquake of February 20, 1743. Two columns from the old church were purchased for 8000 ducats for use in the Capella Reggia of Caserta.

The new church was reconsecrated in 1756. The façade includes a clock tower to the left and a campanile to the right. The dome is covered with polychrome tiles. The interior is richly decorated. The interior of the church has a crypt with niches containing mummified bodies.

In 1992, Pope John Paul II granted the cathedral the status of a minor basilica.



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Founded: 1756
Category: Religious sites in Italy

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Frank Vvk (13 months ago)
Beautiful cathedral on a quiet location in Oria. The inside of the church is really impressive and also refreshing during a hot day… . Definitely worth a visit when you are in Oria!
Mithra Mithra (2 years ago)
After long renovation is the Cathedrale of Oria open again. Which us this year at 2022. Very nicely done, just look closer.. you will realize that all the walls are paintings which gives you the idear of marbel. If you would join at Sunday the church than is this one option to be. Beautiful small historical place. Underneath are mummy's which got a special place of the hold of belive. Discover more and move around ! Enjoy the castel as well and drink afterwards one good Italian Caffè at Despeto.
Nico Sebaste (3 years ago)
To visit, absolutely, the town and the Cathedral.
alessandro perrone (4 years ago)
stunning baroque cathedral un on the main hill of Oria overlooking on the valley. don't miss the crypt with the mummies
D DC (5 years ago)
Beautiful. Best church in the area. Petrified mummies can be found in the crypt. There is a museum to the back left hand side of the courtyard which is on the right of the church as you come up the hill. It is not advertised or sign posted but work a little look.
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