L'Étanche Abbey

Lamorville, France

L'Étanche Abbey is a former Premonstratensian monastery founded in the 12th century, the ruins of which are near the modern village of Deuxnouds-aux-Bois, in the commune of Lamorville.

The abbey of Notre-Dame de l'Étanche was founded in about 1144 by Philippe, abbot of Belval, in a secluded valley then known as Faverolles, near Deuxnouds-aux-Bois. The first patrons of the foundation were Albéron de Chiny, bishop of Verdun, and Bertrand le Loup and his nephew Albert, seigneurs of Faverolles, in whose lands the community was settled. The abbey church was consecrated in 1147. The earliest existing charter dates from 1157.

Nearby there was at first a Premonstratensian convent, which was dissolved in time. The modest abbey possessed a priory at Benoîte-Vaux, a famed place of pilgrimage in Lorraine.

The structures were utterly destroyed by the Swedes in 1632, during the Thirty Years' War, and were not rebuilt until 1743, with nine monastic cells in a range. The chapel was completed in 1770. Three abbés of L'Étanche were of note: Dom Dominique Callot, a student of chemistry and heraldry; Dom Edmont Maclot, author of pious works; and Dom Jean François Joseph Boucart, who assembled a collection of medals and a prestigious library, since dispersed.



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Lamorville, France
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Founded: c. 1144
Category: Religious sites in France
Historical period: Birth of Capetian dynasty (France)

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User Reviews

Dominique Mahé (7 months ago)
Building undergoing renovation. Worth the detour!
Hugo (10 months ago)
It will be a beautiful building when the renovation is finished. You are not allowed on the site unfortunately.
Myl lene (10 months ago)
Thank you to Mr. Volunteer, for the history of this abbey which is magnificent, and which these men make magnificent with their work and through their passion. Kudos to them I have more photos to share if needed.
Lcs D (13 months ago)
Very calming site, the members of the association which takes care of the restoration are very nice and pleasant! Thank you again for the little "private" visit! Good luck to you for the continuation of this very beautiful project!
Odile Sommer (15 months ago)
Nestled in the hollow of a sunny valley, this site is to be seen for the rescue work carried out
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