Starkenburg Castle

Heppenheim, Germany

Starkenburg Castle, built in 1065 on Schlossberg mountain above Heppenheim’s picturesque old town, is one of the oldest castles to be found in the western Odenwald region. At first, it resembled a Roman fort, which consisted of simple wooden constructions, towers, earthworks and bulwarks. King Frederick entrusted the Archbishop of Mainz with Lorsch Abbey and Starkenburg Castle in 1232. Under the rule of the Electoral Mainz, the castle was reconstructed into a late medieval fort castle.

In 1675-1689, Archbishop-Elector of Mainz Anselm of Ingelheim pushed the castle’s reconstruction. It was designed to be a fortress complex and a place of agricultural production, storage and administration. It was designed imitating the French model. In 1765, the Mainz occupying troops were withdrawn and the castle was released to be demolished and parts of the castle fell victim to demolition. The keep of the romantic castle ruin had to be torn down in 1924 due to its ruinous state. It was rebuilt in a different design in the entrance area. The residential building was also reconstructed, however, in a modern design. Later, a further new Jugendherberge (youth hostel) was constructed up there. With 121 beds and 5 seminar rooms, it offers best conditions for a comfortable stay in romantic surroundings.



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Founded: 1065
Category: Castles and fortifications in Germany
Historical period: Salian Dynasty (Germany)


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User Reviews

Roxanne Li (3 months ago)
It'll require a nice walk then give you a nice view of Heppenheim. And people can enjoy some drink in the Biergarten next to the castle.
Amzzz (3 months ago)
Nice walk up to the tower. There is also possibility to go by car till the end. They have now youth hostel in the tower. I think they also have star gazing events there for kids. Well maintained, best to from wed- Sunday for more lively atmosphere.
fredericka Bender (13 months ago)
Is the best place to find peace with the nature. Lovely place
S. achternaam verborgen (14 months ago)
Castle is not spectaculair but the views are. Almost a 1000 years old! The 5 minute routes up the hill are pretty intense, take enough water.
Richard Ashcroft (22 months ago)
The castle dates back around 1000 years. It’s a great destination for a hike through the vineyards above Heppenheim. From the turrets there are views over the Odenwald, the Bergstraße and the Rhine Plain.
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